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About Us 


Dingolay Mas was the brainchild of the dynamic duo, Eddie Trotman, and Rachel Hall. Eddie, a seasoned musician who had played for other bands, and built massive sound systems for them, found himself increasingly disillusioned with the industry's lack of payments and bad payers. In search of something new, he resolved to start his own band, and Dingolay Mas was born.


Rachel, a gifted designer who had previously created stunning costume ideas for women's clothing, had never considered putting her talents into carnival costumes. Together, Eddie and Rachel decided to use their talent and savings to start a mas camp and were pleasantly surprised when 75 masqueraders turned up in their first year. Despite the impressive turnout, they knew they needed a satisfactory outcome, leading them to question whether they should continue on this journey.

Undaunted, they returned with a fresh approach. They opted for a one-color theme, with three sections of blue that looked breathtaking and set the trend for over five years. This innovation led them to win the medium-band carnival twice and reach second place twice and third place in Brooklyn consecutively. They also won "Queen of the Band" in Brooklyn three times.


Eddie and Rachel fell in love with the one-color theme, and they had one of the best sound systems in the Brooklyn carnival. Rachel did all the tailoring of costumes, while Eddie focused on the feather work. Together, they formed a team to set the music to their liking. With over a decade of experience, they decided to expand their horizons and officially become part of the Miami Carnival scene.

Their brand now includes the best designers and production teams from all over the world, and they've consistently placed highly in recent years. In 2022, they came in fifth, and in 2021, they placed fourth. Additionally, they won "Best Out of Town DJ" and second place in "Best-Sounding Truck" in Miami. Their ultimate goal is to create a more inclusive carnival experience for a broader market. With over 700 masqueraders, they plan to attend other popular carnivals worldwide.

As an all-inclusive band, they've gained a reputation for their top-of-the-line food, which never runs out. Eddie and Rachel's unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and inclusivity has earned them a significant following. They're poised to become one of the premier carnival bands in the world, and their passion and dedication are evident in every aspect of Dingolay Mas.

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